Do you experience anxiety or a phobia?

Or may be you have a fear of needles, flying, heights?

Clinical Hypnotherapy may help you very successfully with fear/anxiety/phobia.

I am passionate about helping you achieve your goal and have seen so many positive changes in clients with these issues even just after one session. Read a testimonial here or at the bottom of the page.

The list of fear, anxiety, phobia might include but is not exhaustive of:

  • Fear of flying
  • Needles phobia
  • Fear of heights
  • Any fears
  • Phobias- Claustrophobia, animals, ….
  • Anxiety
  • Social anxiety

Here are interesting research data concerning hypnosis and phobias:

Student test anxiety

Students taught self-hypnosis showed a significant reduction in anxiety scores (maintained at 6-month follow-up) then a control group. (1)

Public speaking

The group who received hypnosis had a greater expectation for change and that change was achieved, than those who had non-hypnotic treatment.

Fear of flying

50% of patients afraid of flying were improved or didn’t experience the fear anymore after Hypnosis treatment.

(1) Stanton, H. E. (1994)
(2)  Schoenberger, N. E.; Kirsch, I.; Gearan, P.; Montgomery, G.; Pastyrnak, S.L. (1997).
(3) Spiegel, D. (1998) Report in the Harvard Mental Health Letter, September 1998, vol. 15, p. 5-6

For more information on the Australian Hypnotherapist’s Association website about research, click here

What is Hypnosis?

Have you ever daydreamed. Got absorbed in a book, or drove somewhere without remembering how you got there? This is the state of hypnosis! It is a normal and natural state of deep relaxation and increased focused concentration. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You are fully in control and aware of everything that is happening. While in a state of hypnosis your conscious, or critical mind is temporarily bypassed. Thus allowing access to your subconscious, which is the most powerful part of your mind. As a result real and lasting change can be made.   

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is using the state of hypnosis to bring about change on a subconscious level. It is in the subconscious where our fear, anxiety, phobia, beliefs about ourselves and the world around us are held. They influence how we perceive ourselves and the people around us, the decisions we make and shape our lives. When we are ready to make a lasting, positive change in our lives, it is these subconscious patterns that we must address and change. In Hypnotherapy the subconscious mind can accept the safe and positive and life enhancing suggestions, henceforth releasing the negative, life diminishing thoughts, beliefs, fears or unwanted behavior patterns. As a result positive attitudes are enhanced and desired and lasting change is achieved.

How can Hypnotherapy help with fear, anxiety, phobia?

It is in the subconscious where our fear, anxiety, phobia, beliefs about ourselves and the world around us are held. You might have lived a difficult experience in your childhood such as a fear of heights, spiders etc. Consequently this emotional impact is imprinted in your subconscious mind. You have learned a certain behavior. As a result your subconscious will now every time you come in contact with the same trigger, produce the fear, phobia or relevant emotion. This is actually your subconscious’s way of protecting you.

In Hypnotherapy we access the subconscious which allows for the positive changes to occur.

Suggestion of positive imagery

Depending on you and what you feel comfortable with, we will work on desensitizing you from the symptoms through different methods. Suggestions to provoke increased feelings of empowerment and control in situations which usually cause you stress, are used. Imagination is the ability to create a mental image and we all create thousands of images during the day. Depending on the pictures you imagine, you can either stimulate the stress response feeling afraid, anxious, etc, or the relaxation response. Hypnotherapy helps you to let go of the negative feelings and thoughts and helps you to use your imagination in a more positive and productive manner.

Underlying causes

Sometimes it is necessary to discover the originating event, so that you can see the previously feared situation, object or circumstance in a new and non threatening light, with an adult maturity and understanding. The subconscious mind is then reprogrammed to react to the before difficult situation in a different and calm way.  

In addition Hypnotherapy produces the following benefits:


Hypnotherapy can induce deep states of relaxation in the body and mind while stress triggers the stress-response.  Stress triggers the fight and flight response which doesn’t allow you to think or act appropriately or feeling on control. Self-hypnosis is a relaxation skill which you can learn, which empowers you to gain more control over previous stressful situations.

Is it safe?

Yes. When carried out by a professionally trained and skilled hypnotherapist, it is safe, with no harmful side effects.    

How will I feel?

You will feel safe, calm and wonderfully relaxed. Furthermore you are not asleep or unconscious but fully aware. You are in control of your body and mind and you can terminate the session at any time.

 Finally you cannot be made to do something what you don’t wish to do.

How many sessions do I need?

It is up to you and depends on your particular situation. After having attended 3 session, I give you a recording which you can carry on listening at home.

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Health rebates might apply

Individual results may vary

Read about a clients experience:

“I first saw Christina when I had made the decision to change my life as anxiety was taking over. Obviously I was a little concerned as I was not sure what was going to happen when I was being put to sleep. From my first phone inquiry to Christina I felt comfortable and was happy to see her for my first session. Christina explained the process in great detail and I realized that I would be aware of was happening and in fact not put to sleep at all. I felt amazing and after my first session the anxiety was gone and I mean completely gone it felt great. After two more session with Christina, I have found my everyday life has got easier, I’m happy and I am able to face challenges rather then hide away like I did before.

I can highly recommend Christina for any concerns you have if you are willing to make a change then go ahead give it a go.”

Client from Baldivis