Congratulations to your pregnancy!

Being pregnant and giving birth are natural life experiences for which a pregnancywoman’s body is well designed for. It is an exciting and joyful time. But it can be a challenging. We are faced with different thoughts and emotions and the amazing changes the body is going through during pregnancy.

Research now shows that the pre- and perinatal period and early infancy have a profound impact on your baby’s mental, emotional and physical well-being. Babies need to feel wanted and loved right from conception.

Did you know that all of your unborn baby’s senses are developed by the time he or she is 23 weeks old?

The ear is in place by 3 weeks, functional by the 16th and active listening happens by the 24th week. Emotional involvement and expression reveal themselves as early as 10 weeks, and touch and taste and smell are developed by week 16. Vision develops by week 18-20.

Dr. David Chamberlain, a well-known psychologist quotes: Considering all we know today about the realities of life before birth, we must reset the clock on parenthood. To start parenting early, you cannot miss the period from conception to birth!

Early birth psychology research is now supported  by neuroscience, epigentics, and ultrasound technology. We know now that babies in the womb are listening, sensing and feeling all of the mothers’ experiences. Creating a loving and welcoming environment can have a profound and lasting effect in a baby’s life. For more information, please click here

Your influence on your child is at its peak during the time in the womb. 

Creating is what early parenting is about – creating a physical body and brain, creating emotional foundations for living, and establishing a rich connection with the unborn baby.

Stress is known to cause labor and birth to be more difficult and uncomfortable, and is a contributing factor in many complications of pregnancy, such as high blood pressure and premature labor. Taking time to nurture yourself, relax and to create a positive pregnancy is important for yourself and your baby.

So what can I do to give the best possible start to my baby?

Being aware of your baby during your day and leading your life in the most positive way. Your baby is listening in and is experiencing what you are thinking and feeling. So make your thoughts and feelings the most positive you can be. Choosing health foods, positive thoughts and loving feelings. Connect with, talk, sing… to your baby throughout the day, allows your baby to feel loved and wanted. This information is not intended to make you feel guilty about negative thoughts or feelings you might experience. This is normal, we all do. But once recognized, we can focus on the positive again.

What if life or my pregnancy are challenging?

We all experience challenges in our lives. But we mostly do have a choice of how we see and handle them. By having a positive attitude, you are already instilling in your baby a sense of I can get through this and come out stronger! If you need further assistance, it is important to get help.

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