Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed?

Are you looking for relaxation

and well being?

Stress is a normal reaction to Life’s challenges. It is our response to it that needs managing. Consequently long term chronic Stress can contribute to weakening our immune system and can be a contributing factor in many diseases. Foot Reflexology is a simple and powerful way to help you.

Benefits are:

  • reducing stress and anxiety
  • improving circulation
  • Boosting the lymphatic system
  • Detoxification of the body
  • Enhancing the body’s natural healing process
  • Balancing the hormonal system
  • Revitalizing the whole body
  • Improves sleep quality  

Other issues may benefit from Reflexology as well. Contact me to find out if it can help you.

What is reflexology?

Foot reflexology is a wholistic-noninvasive therapy which complements other therapies and modern medicine. It is an ancient method of healing which has been used for centuries. Most of all it is a gentle but effective way to relax, balance and also revitalize your entire body and mind.

How does it work ?

It works on the principle that there are reflex points in your feet which correspond to your entire body. When pressure is exerted to these points, the effect is felt on the corresponding body parts. As a result stress is reduced and the body’s systems are balanced and detoxified. Furthermore the body’s innate healing ability is stimulated. This results in better health and well being overall.

What will you feel?

Reflexology is deeply relaxing but also energizing at the same time. You feel you are being pampered during a session.  However do not underestimate the powerful effects this treatment can have on you. 

Usually a foot reflexology session lasts about an hour.

Reflexology is suitable for people of all ages and all conditions.

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