Available resources in the Rockingham/Baldivis/Mandurah for a positive and healthy Pregnancy & Birth

Midwife and GP care in Rockingham/Baldivis:

Rockingham Maternity & Family Practice in Cooloongup

Woodbridge Womens clinic in Cooloongup

The BumpWA Centre for Pregnancy, Childbirth Education and Early Parenting Services in Cockburn provides information about birth choices, home birth and lot’s more.

General resources on Pregnancy & Birth

Information and resources about the awareness of your baby during pregnancy, cutting edge research in Pre- and Perinatal Psychology:

APPPAH ( Association for Pre-and Perinatal Psychology and Health)  Watch a trailer about APPPAH on youtube

Wendy McCarty PhD, RN, D.Cep

Up to date and extensive information on pregnancy, birth and parenting:

Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

Great information about baby’s and maternal positioning:

 Spinning Babies: Easier Birth with Fetal Positioning

Information on different pregnancy/ birth topics, helping you to make informed choices

Dr. Sarah Buckley, an Australian Medical Doctor, author of the book “Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering” and the report “Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing” 

Ina May Gaskin, MA, CPM, PhD ( Hon.) Author and Founder of the Farm Midwifery Centre USA


Birthrites Support, Information, Advocacy about VBAC

More medical research on pregnancy and birth:

Pubmed is a free service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine where you can look up any research on medical topics