Relaxation Classes for Pregnancy

Hi Christina, just wanted to let you know our beautiful daughter, P., was born last night. It was a calm and truly amazing labour and birth. She was even born still in her amniotic sac, which is apparently very lucky! Thank you for all your help and support through our relaxation classes. These skills were put to really good use last night. Much love, K. and P. x


“Thank you so much for such a wonderful course! Not only have you really helped my husband but you have left me feeling very calm, confident and most importantly empowered!”


“Hi Christina!
Well we have a beautiful little baby girl. She came into the world on my birthday, weighing in at 3.535kg – 7lb 12oz and 53cm.

I started getting a little bit of lower back pain on the Thursday which I really didn’t think much of, now I realise I think it was possibly early stages of labour. It wasn’t until Sunday night about 9.30pm when the back pain started hurting a lot more and I started to wonder if this was my ‘labour’ which is when my partner decided to put his hand on my belly. Well he said ‘your having contractions!’… I couldn’t feel anything in my belly and I couldn’t even feel it tense up, but he could! So he decided to time them and they were already 1 minute long and 2 minutes apart!
By 12am I really felt the contractions properly they were 1.5 minutes long and 1 minute apart, they were super intense but I still felt so excited inside knowing it was finally happening!!
We got to the hospital at 12.50am (we got there in 45mins!) I was already starting to push her out! She really was nearly born on the side of the road!
I honestly had no idea what to expect and I don’t think I really had many of the ‘typical’ signs of labour, it all came on very quickly.

On the Thursday when I would get the slight back pain I would just use the breathing techniques to ‘practice’. When it got intense on the Sunday night all I was focusing on was my breathing and my visualisations, I know this is what kept me at home for as long as we were and gave me the power to push through them.

I didn’t end up getting my water birth because by the time we got to the hospital I was well on my way to birthing her, I felt like I could already feel her head between my legs haha (and it takes half an hour to fill the bath!) but in the end I didn’t need the water birth because I did the whole thing with no drugs or gas or anything – I still can’t believe I did it!

A 5 hour labour and only 40mins of pushing, I could not of had a more perfect birth, it was truly amazing I will be forever in awe of the whole experience and of our baby girl.

Thank you Christina for teaching us everything you did, I was so relaxed and our beautiful little girl came out very relaxed and chilled out, she really is a little angel and I know it is all because she had such a good stress free birth.”

A couple from Mandurah

Fear of needles

“I just had to write to thank you.  I have just finished my glucose test at the clinic which involved 2 hours and three blood tests and I cannot believe what a difference the therapy has made.  It was a whole new experience, one which no longer consumes me and effects me in the ways in which it use to.  I feel like I am a different person and you have improved my life.  I cannot recommend you highly enough.  Thank you so much, having lived with this phobia all my life I never thought there would be a day where a blood test/injection wouldn’t consume me in such a negative way. Thank you”

Client from Rockingham


“I first saw Christina when I had made the decision to change my life as anxiety was taking over.  I was a little concerned as I was not sure what was going to happen when I was being put to sleep. From my first phone enquiry to Christina I felt comfortable and was happy to see her for my first session. Christina explained the process in great detail and I realised that I would be aware of was happening and in fact not put to sleep at all. I felt amazing and after my first session the anxiety was gone and I mean completely gone it felt great. I went back for two more session with Christina and have found my everyday life has got easier, I’m happy and I am able to face challenges rather then hide away like I did before. 

I can highly recommend Christina for any concerns you have if you are willing to make a change then go ahead give it a go.”

Client from Baldivis

Fear of Heights  

“I heard about Christina from a friend that had been to see her to stop smoking. I had a fear of heights which limited me from doing many things that I wished I could do. I had 3 appointments with Christina and after each appointment I was able to do more and more without worrying about being up high or worry about falling.

I recently returned from a holiday in Eruope. While in Paris I was able to climb up and down the stairs of the Effiel Tower (over 600 steps). No going up in the lift for me! I was also able to spend a couple of wonderful weeks with my family in the French Alps go skiing. Previously I had refused to go on any sort of chair lift as the idea of this made me really anxious and fearful. I can now say that I loved my skiing holiday and was able to ski down slopes, go on a ski lift, a drag lift and a gondola. I did not worry about falling at all. I felt very confident and very proud of myself. I am now planning to go on annual ski holidays with my husband every year.

Going to see Christina was one of the best things I have ever done. It is so great to feel relaxed and confident, and to look forward to many more adventures.”

Client from Mandurah

Weight Loss   

“It has been sometime since I last saw you, 19th May 2011 to be exact but I really wanted to share my happy news with you……… I have lost 16kgs and over 90cms. I started on a diet regime on the 18th March 2011 but it was slow and when I came to see you for the first time on the 5th May 2011 for a marital problem, I also mentioned to you I was having a problem with my weight, that I had only lost 6kgs and I was becoming a little disillusioned and frustrated. I returned to see you on the 19th May 2011 and thereafter everything just seemed to fall into place. I started losing 1kg a week. It has been 16 weeks and I have lost 16kgs. I look fantastic and I feel amazing. I have copious amounts of energy, my health has improved two fold, my marriage has improved tremendously, I no longer have those insecure feelings about my husband having an affair, he’s always home, he hardly ever goes out after work on a Friday night now, it’s all good and it’s all great!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for changing my life, in fact for giving me back my life by giving me the confidence to change what I thought I never could, you are awesome!!!!!!!!”

Client from Perth


WOW.  I had been thinking of trying hypnotherapy for my sleeping or more to the point – lack of sleep.  My first priority was finding a Hypnotherapists that I felt comfortable with and trusted taking into consideration that I had not experienced or knew anyone that had experienced hypnotherapy.  Through other contacts I met Christina.  Christina explained the format of the session and how at all times I would be in control and aware of my thoughts and reactions.  Christina took lots of notes whilst paying complete attention; asking questions and LISTENING to my responses.  It was the way Christina asked the question which revealed the cause of my lack of sleep.  All of a sudden it all made sense and why I was scared to fall into a deep sleep.  Christina was very understanding, compassionate and aware of how I was feeling through the hypnotherapy session and if I was okay to continue.  Christina is a true professional in this field.  After the first session I felt a sense of relieve and lightness.  Until this session I had no idea what was the root cause of my sleeping disorder.  My sleeping pattern improved in the first week.  I had three sessions over three weeks.  I found these sessions invaluable in reinforcing new thoughts and changing  the old thought patterns.  Through hypnotherapy, Christina has helped me empty a sack full of fears that I had hidden from a young age and had weighed me down.  Thank you Christina.

Client from Mandurah 

Marriage break up

“I was in a very bad state of affairs after a marriage breakdown and recent loss of my mother. I had no control of my emotions and was breaking down crying over any small incidents. I rang Christina and asked her for help. I was with Christina for 2,5hours for the first session, who talked to me about my problems and wrote notes and then I was hypnotised. I am feeling a better and different person and I am now liking myself. I am able to face and accept the problems I have to face. I am now coping with life so much better. I do not know where I would have ended up if not for Christina’s help. Thank you Christina.”

Client from Rockingham 


“After 22 years of smoking, I finally realized that I had to give it up. I didn’t want to be one of those who gave it up from a health scare or maybe even not get that chance. Any how after trying different methods of quitting and failing each time I was told by a friend why not try hypnotherapy?I took my friends advice and began searching on the internet for a hypnotherapist, that is where I stumbled upon Christina Macleods website ‘Joyous Beginnings’ and she happened to be local also. So at first I hesitated because I was very skeptical about hypnosis but yet I am a believer of the paranormal. So I decided what the heck and forced myself to go and see her. After the first session I was amazed at the result and thought too good to be true so when I got home I sat with my wife who is a smoker and told her to light one up, so she did and I was amazed that it did not bother me at all, there was no craving for it and to this day I still haven’t had a craving for one. I am a new person entirely not only do I not smoke anymore I also have  an addiction now to walk and get fit which was created with my own mind, I also have been told healthwise I am an inspiration and a walking advertisement by my fellow workmates of the Pilbara who are currently in the process of enquiring about hypnosis.Christina has helped me to turn my life around for the better and I am forever  grateful for her help.”Thank you Christina

Client from Cooloongup 


I gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Friday morning at 6.01am. The birth couldn’t have gone better. I was calm and focused during the surges listening to my rainbow relaxation tracks and also some music. We went in to the hospital at 4am and Tane was born two hours later. My husband did light touch massage pretty much the whole two hours while I closed my eyes and went with my body. Once the opening phase was finished I had maybe five surges of breathing down and he was out. He was amazed at the difference between this birth and the previous ones.


Our Girl arrived weighing 5 pounds. Thank you for all your help. I went into hospital at 10am and she arrived at 1.19pm. Not waterbirth in the end but it was an all natural birth and the HypnoBirthing Techniques were a blessing.

HypnoBirthing couple from Rockingham


“We feel we had an amazing birth experience. We attribute much of this to the Hypnobirthing course we undertook with you.

My first “waves” started at about 2am on Tuesday 8th September. They were like very mild cramps and were occurring maybe 1 to 1.5 hours apart. By 8am when I got out of bed they had ceased. Earlier in the morning when I had gone to the bathroom I noticed the mucus plug had come away, but I didn’t realise this until much later. Throughout Tuesday I rested and visualised the blue satin ribbons and the rose bud opening. I did not experience any further waves until 5pm when they commenced in earnest. John arrived home from work at about 5.30pm to find me in somewhat of a trance, pacing the hallway and stopping to lean against the wall to breath through each wave, as you had taught me. The waves started at 20 minutes apart and quickly became 8 – 10 minutes apart. By that stage I felt most comfortable lying on my side in bed. John sat next to me, held my hand and assisted me to relax. We listened to the birth affirmations early on, then the Rainbow Relaxation and some chanting, which was given to me by my yoga instructor. It all helped to take my mind off the intensity of each wave. It was a really beautiful part of our birthing experience – working so closely and lovingly as a team to assist our baby girl to enter the world.

Following a particularly long wave (which we think may have signalled my transition to the second stage of birth) and some time in the bathroom emptying my bowels, John filled the bath for me. The warmth of the water was beautifully relaxing, but it wasn’t quite deep enough to be comfortable. After only a few waves we realised they were 4 – 5 minutes apart and that it was time to go to the hospital. I would have much preferred to stay at home. We notified the hospital, packed our bags and birthing equipment in the car and headed off. During the car trip to hospital my waves started coming two minutes apart and it was a huge effort to get myself to the maternity ward. We arrived at about 10.10 pm. I emptied my bowels again, and shortly after felt the urge to push. It would be the strongest urge I have ever felt in my life. It took me by surprise. I didn’t think I had transitioned to the second stage of birth. By then I knew the baby was very close. I managed to get onto the bed and lie on my side, which was comfortable. During the very next wave I put my hand between my legs and felt Aysha’s head. I was again surprised at just how quickly she was going to greet the world. I was told to push, but tried hard not to. My body “pushed” on its own. Three waves later, at 10.52pm, our darling Aysha was born. Six hours had passed since my first real waves. She was put directly on my skin and John cut the umbilical cord after about 5 minutes. 

On reflection, the Hypnobirthing course was the most valuable of all our research / courses in preparing us for birth. I had visualised a 5 hour birth, and so am extremely happy that it was 6 hours. The breathing techniques, birth affirmations, rainbow relaxation, and our team work were the foundation of our first stage.

We wish to thank you for your knowledge, support and guidance in shaping our wonderful birth experience.”

A HypnoBirthing couple from Fremantle


„Very short labour, woke up with contractions 4 minutes apart. Wasn’t much time to put our practice into practice but the breathing, visualizations and Cd’s helped and I think that it all happened so fast because I was much more relaxed and looking forward to the birth.

A very satisfying birth. Thank you very much, I’ll recommend you to anyone having a baby.“

HypnoBirthing couple from Northam


” I started to feel quite itchy and very poorly and my Dr diagnosed me with a pregnancy related liver complaint called Cholestasis. They decided to induce me at 38 weeks as it can cause problems for the baby. However my waters started to leak and unfortunately there was meconnium in them. That night they sent me up to King Edward hospital to be induced as they were worried about health of the baby (this was 4 weeks and 1 day earlier than she was due).

Being induced wasn’t our ideal situation and was very tough towards the end. After 11 hours my main midwife seemed to be very shocked that I wasn’t screaming and in agony. She told me I had at least another 6 hours to go (she told Andy that I didn’t seem to be in advanced labour yet) at which point I decided to have a light epidural because I was getting very tired and had started to be in a lot of pain, the thought of another 6 hours also really got me down. However the epidural didn’t really work so she finally examined me and found that I was fully dilated, Evelyn was born 50 mins later (I don’t think she could believe it). I knew deep down that I didn’t have another 6 hours to go and I shouldn’t have listened to her and trusted my instincts. I don’t think she had seem a HypnoBirth before and my lack of screaming etc really threw her. 

It was a bit scary what with all the complications but I have to say the HypnoBirthing was invaluable. I managed to get into a really calm state and we had a really wonderful birthing experience. The birth took 12 hours from start to finish and she was in great shape when she was born. I managed to breast feed her within the 1st hour and we haven’t looked back. She’s a hungry little monster! 

Thanks very much for all the help with the HypnoBirthing. I would definitely recommend it to other people having a baby as it really helped us achieve a calm and wonderful birth . I know the midwives at King Edward were really impressed with the way that we handled the birth and how at peace I seemed despite being in advanced labour.”

HypnoBirthing couple

Relaxation Classes during Pregnancy

“At roughly 28 weeks pregnant, I attended the classes. It ran for four sessions, with each one being slightly different topic and doing a meditation at the end of each session. At the end of each one, I felt incredibly relaxed and clam. This relaxation always carried on for the whole day. I found Christina very knowledgeable, helpful and warm. After learning about how important it is to be relaxed for your pregnancy and birth, I would recommend that anyone wanting a healthy, natural and normal birth to attend this class.


„I highly recommend Christina Macleod and her reflexology sessions. I am currently pregnant with my 3rd child and I wish I had known about Christina during my very first pregnancy.  I have attended 5 sessions with Christina so far and have come to truly value the time I spend with her.  Since my first session with Christina I have noticed a decrease in the amount and the severity of the headaches that I have been suffering from during this pregnancy.  I have also noticed an improvement in the reflux/heartburn which has been bothering me.

And yet the word that most comes to mind when describing Christina’s reflexology sessions is “calm”.  This is because I feel an overwhelming sense of calmness upon finishing each session.  It is a calmness that stays with me throughout the week and brings me strength.   And it is a word that is very appropriate to describe Christina herself.

Christina is a very gentle and caring woman who has real skills with people.  Christina has gently inspired me to take a more holistic approach to my life and to begin to make changes to enable me to prioritize my physical and mental health.

I really cannot thank Christina enough for all she has done for me.  She has been a gentle but inspiring presence in my life and I have come to treasure my reflexology sessions with her. Thank you“

Pregnant mum from Triggs


“I have been having reflexology with Christina now since I was 25 weeks pregnant. I had never had reflexology on my feet before and have found the whole experience relaxing and rewarding. Each week that I have had a session, I felt the difference in many areas. I certainly have not had any mood swings or mood changes that one would expect in pregnancy. I have however held a bit of fluid and swelling in my hands and feet. But the reflexology has relieved these symptoms.

Christina personally has been very supportive and I have looked forward to my session each week. She has been forthcoming with answer ring my questions when she is working on a particular area of my foot. And has ensured that I am comfortable and relaxed at each session.

Each week I have left feeling relaxed, refreshed and a general overall feeling of well-being.

Out of all the weekly activities I have taken part in during this pregnancy, I have found having the reflexology with Christina the most valueable.

I will certainly bee seeing her after the baby is born as well as for future pregnancies.”

Pregnant mum from Riverton

Reflexology for labour induction

Hi Christina.  I just wanted to thank you for the reflexology and insight into ‘holding on to fears’ last monday.  I started getting mild contractions the next morning tuesday at 7am.  This meant so much to me, as it stopped me having to be induced and meant i could feel how it was to start labour naturally and she could also come when she felt ready.  So thank you thank you thank you.

A mum from Armadale