Professional Development Opportunity

For doulas, midwives, nurses or any other birth professionals

qualifies for 7,5 MIDPLUS Points with Australian College of Midwives



Supporting a HypnoBirthing® Mother in Pregnancy, Labour & Birth

A Toolbox of Fresh Perspective for Birth Professionals

This one day training is for traditionally trained doulas, midwives, nurses or any other birth professionals. It provides you with the specific techniques and philosophical information needed to professionally support HypnoBirthing® couples in any birth setting and/or learn new skills to support any couple.


HypnoBirthing® is a childbirth education program that is recognized worldwide as a leader in the field of childbirth education and preparation. HypnoBirthing® is now taught in 45 countries. Fully certified and trained professional Gold Seal practitioners assist couples in their desire to have a normal, calm and often pain free birth.

With intervention rates at an all time high in Australia, couples are seeking support from health professionals that trust birth and women’s ability to birth as nature intended. Building a strong network and community that works together, will allow families to focus on positive birth outcomes, and impact our ‘toward normal birth’ focus.

Through participation in this workshop you will:

  • Understand the unique benefits HypnoBirthing® offers. Learn about the philosophy & the Gold Seal that is establishing best practice in Australia, as well as recognise how it differs from other methods.
  • Learn the physiology of the uterus during labour, exploring the muscle interaction, blood flow & biochemical function. Examine the role of the autonomic nervous system upon fear.
  • Understand the differences between HypnoBirthing® & medical terminology. Learn to communicate with a HypnoBirthing® family, understanding the partners role & the common birthing preferences they choose.
  • Explore the various states of hypnosis, and the mind body connection in birthing.
  • Consider the impact of integrating HypnoBirthing® with the current care in hospitals. Learn about HypnoBirthing® techniques that can be implemented to support a positive birth outcome.
  • Discuss & explore options to support families experiencing special circumstances in birth. Develop appropriate skills to support natural birth & a HypnoBirthing® couple.

Download the full course document HypnoBirthing 1 Day Workshop for Birth Professionals Flyer Perth May 2017

Qualifies for 7,5 MidPLUS points with the Australian College of Midwives

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